a Unit Testing Framework for C and C++ - Cutter

The latest release

1.2.7 is the latest release. It had been released at 2019-09-13.

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notification on GNOME notification on macOS

Cutter is a Unit Testing Framework for C and C++. Cutter's interface is easy to write, easy to debug your code and fun to run tests. (See the screenshot. You need "notify-send" command on Linux and *BSD or "growlnotify" command on macOS for this feature.)


Cutter works on many UNIX compatible environments: Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, FreeBSD, Solaris, macOS and Cygwin. Cutter can be installed easily because there are packages for Cutter on some platforms.


Questions and bug reports are accepted on mailing list. New release announce is also done on the mailing list. If you are using Cutter, it's a good idea that you subscribe the mailling list.

Join Cutter developement

Cutter uses git repository on GitHub. You can get the latest Cutter source code by the following command:

% git clone https://github.com/clear-code/cutter.git
If you want to send a patch for a new feature or a bug fix, please fork the Cutter repository and send a pull request. Patches are also accepted on mailing list.