a Unit Testing Framework for C and C++ - Cutter


Users — Projects and developers that use Cutter


  • Cutter : self test.

  • Senna : full-text search engine.

  • groonga : full-text search engine and column store.

  • mroonga : a MySQL pluggable storage engine for groonga.

  • milter manager : a milter to use milters effectively.

  • Kazehakase : a browser.

  • GtkIEEmbed : a GTK+ widget library to use HTML rendering engine of Internet Explorer.

  • GPointingDeviceSettings : a GUI tool for setting various pointing devices.

  • nfc-tools : Based on libnfc , Open Source Near Field Communication (NFC) Library, this project intent to provide useful tools for POSIX compliant operating systems.

  • Hatohol : Operational integrated management software